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Lettix (the Netherlands)

Lettix BV is a Dutch company whose core activity is the production, assembly and packaging of sterile medical devices. Vision Medical Company and Lettix BV are sister companies and are part of the same holding company. Production takes place under its own brand as well as private label. Packaging and lay-out concepts, as well as molds are designed, developed and built in-house. Specialization here is mainly in disposabable instruments, gauze compresses, non-woven compresses, bandages and plastic products.

Click on this link to view the disposable instruments catalog! Visit the Lettix website for additional information.

Zarys (Poland)

Zarys International Group is a company with 32 years of experience in the medical world.
The company offers a wide range of products in the fields of dressing materials, surgical drapes, examination gloves and disposable medical devices for urology, gynaecology, oxygen therapy and many other disciplines.

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DDM (France)


Dessilons & Dutrillaux Manufactures is a French manufacturer of medical equipment since 1949. The company specializes in the development and production of materials for medical diagnosis, orthopedic surgery and resuscitation. The range consists of tourniquettes, bloodpressure bands, stethoscopes, pressure bags, connecctors and esmarch bandages.

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Primed (Germany)

Primed Halberstad Medizintechnik GmbH develops, produces and distributes various medical products. The company offers a wide choice in tracheotomy tubes, wound drainage, chest drainage, suction systems, irrigation systems, radiotherapy, colon diagnostics, intra uterine contraception and medical care products.

Take a look at the Primed website for all possibilities


Cimpax (Denmark)


Cimpax is a producer of different types of medical consumables. Developing and producing in order to find safe solutions within the health sector are central tot his. The company develops single-use, high quality instruments for laparoscopic surgery, electrosurgery (including fume extraction) and anesthesia delivery systems. View one of the brochures below:

For further information please have a look at the website

Dialex Biomedica (Belgium)

Dialex Biomedica imports and distributes infection prevention and sterile disposable products for infusion and transfusion in the medical-surgical field. Vison medical Company represents the PMH (Portugal) package for infusion and transfusion for the Dutch market.

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Dialex biomedica

Prima Medical (United Kingdom)

Prima Medical

Since 1980, Prima Medical Ltd has specialized in the design, development and production of electrosurgical instruments and medical consumables for operating rooms. Products such as telescopic diathermy with smoke extraction, laparoscopic hooks, electrodes and mono-bipolar cables are the main focus of Prima Medical.

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VacSax (United Kingdom)

VacSax limited, founded in 1997 is the most comprehensive manifacturer of disposable collection bags or liners. The company’s focus lays on innovation and product expansion within this concept worldwide. Characteristic for its productrange is the anti-micro bacterial effect of the cannisters, collection bags and vacuum hoses. Since October 2019, VacSax has been part of DCC Vital.

Please have a look at the catalog here!


Medicoplast (Germany)


Medicoplast International GmbH is a medical manufacturer with more than 45 years of experience in the medical world. The company produces medical disposables made of silicone, latex, polyurethane, polyviny chloride and many other plastics. The product range includes catheters, drainage, endotracheal and tracheotomy tubes, gastric tubes and various cannulas for any desired use. View one of three Medicopast brochures below:

Betatex (Italy)

Betatex SPA is continuously developing and expanding the company and its range. Betatex is currently one of the major players in the European market for surgical drapes and procedure trays. View the Betatex brochures via the link below:


Risa GmbH (Germany)

Risa medical precision

Risa was founded in 1948 and has since then produced more than 600 different types of high precision instruments for the medical, dental and industrial sector. From saw blades to drills in various shapes and sizes are produced. Quality and precision are key when it comes to the instruments supplied. In addition to a standardised range, Risa also produces custom-made instruments in consultation wit hits cutomers. View one of the brochures by clicking the link below:

Wing Plast AB (Sweden)

Wing Plast AB founded in 1965 focusses in supplying high quality medical instruments. The focus is on slef-produces disposable instruments, but they also supply various accessories. Through collaborations with experts from among others, gynaecology, urology, obstetrics and colorectal surgery and the resulting innovations, they contribute to better healthcare.
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Wing Plast AB

Extrudan (Poland)

Extrudan single use products

Extrudan is constantly working with the customer to look at the ever-changing needs and to offer solutions for them in innovative ways. Extrudan supplies medical devices in the field of suction sets, suction parts and associated connectors. The range includes a wide range of products in the field of extraction from segregation. In addition, they offer a new range with insufflation tubes, suction sets with bubble handles and extra flexible connection tubes. During the production process, Extrudan only uses the most advanced techniques and the production takes place in a clean room.

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SUMI (Poland)

Sumi has been one of the largest companies actively in the production of disposable medical instruments in Poland for more than 30 years. The focus is on providing a totla package in the field of airway management from tracheal tubes to closed suction systems. The extensive experience in the various facets from product development to quality control to customer support make SUMI a valued partner in the medical world.

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MedBar (Turky)


Medbar researches, develops and produces different kind om medical products. With over 35 years of experience, the company is in an excellent position to offer various innovative, complementary and financially atttractive solutions. MedBar offers a wide choice of medical products, from infusion tubes, administration systems to gynaecology products and endoscopy products.

Visit the Medbar website by clicking this link

Vernacare (United Kingdom)

Under the slogan “Reducing risk, Enhancing dignity” Vernacare had been active in the field of hygiene and surgical solutions that prevent infections for more than 50 years. The company specializes in the development and production of hygiene solutions such as toilet and patient washing solutions. NNext to those, the development and prodution of laparoscopic supplies and sterile consumables such as gauze is also part of Vernacare’s expertise.

Click here for the productcatalog of Vernacare


SF Medical Products GmbH (Germany)

Medial Products

SF medical Products GmbH is an International manufacturer of high quality medical products. Since 1995, the company has focused om providing solutions in the field of needles and syringes, catheters, disinfection and protective clothing for the medical environment. They have 6 registered private labels for this.

Click here for an overview of the various products.

Oriplast GmbH (Germany)

Oriplast has been active as a producer of medical products since 1968. With an extensive produtportfolio of more than 700 items with more than 1.000 product variations manufactured in collaberation with medical professionals they already serve more than 1.500 customers worldwide.
Oriplast is active in the folowing areas of expertise: Suction systems, anesthesia and oxygen solutions, drainage solutions, infusion and transfusion solutions, urological solutions and various accessories.

To get an idea of Oriplast and its productrange click here for there website.



Bridea Medical (the Netherlands)

Bridea medical

Bridea Medical from the Netherlands is purely and solely concerned with the contiuous development op patient friendly speculums. With an excellent eye for detail, user friendlyness, patient comfort and unparalleled quality, Bridea Medical works on the continuos progress of the instrument. The product has been rewarded with a Reddot design award in both 2013 and 2016. It is not for nothing 90% of Dutch hospitals use Bridea speculums.

Click here to have a look at the brochure of Bridea Medical.

Raguse (Germany)

Since 1980, Raguse from Germany has been active in the development and production of medical products, in particular the various types of medical sheets. Raguse produces articles for various specializations such as generic surgery, gynaecology, urology and orthopedics. In addition to the production of standard surgical drapes and procedure sets, Raguze specializes in developing custom build solutions for its customers. By looking at the customers specific wishes and demands together with the customer and thereafter producing a solution fitting for it, Raguse has been a reliable supplier ofhigh quality solutions for more than 35 years.

Click here to view the products at the Raguse website.


Nurel (Turky)

Nurel Medikal

NUREL Medikal founded in 2004 in Turkey us engaged in the production of disposable medical textiles. With a production facility of over 5.000 square meters, their own clean room and sterilization room with a capacity of 48 cubic meters at a time, they are able to produce high quality products.
From surgical aprons to all kinds of surgical drapes, but also shoe covers and other accessories are producess and then distributed over more than 50 countries worldwide.

NUREL Medikal wants to provide added value by quickly responding to market demands, innovation ad next-gen technology. This way the companys aim is to grow and make a increasingly large contribution to optimal care in the world.

Have a look at the product catalog here.

Bastos Viegas (Portugal)

Bastos Viegas is the largest Portuguese producer of medical products. Bastos Viegas focusses on the production of medical products which are known for a very high and consisten quality.
Bastos Viegas has a very wide range of products in various product categories such as wound care, procedure sets, drapes, protective equipment and many other product categories.
To get a clear image of all the various products categories and products, take a quick look at  the Bastos Viegas website.

Biçakcilar (Turky)


For over 60 years Biçakcilar is active as a producer of medical products. From medical disposables to operating room equipment, Biçakcilar produces it. With a patient-orientated approach, the company contributes to better healthcare.
By producing and supplying innovative, reliable and environmentally friendly medical solutions.

View the Biçakcilar product range here!!

PMH (Portugal)

PMH ( PRODUTOS MÉDICO HOSPITALARES) Portugal is a specialist in the development and production of infusion lines including all possible accessories. Since 1990 PMH has been producing high quality medical consumables with approximately 400 employees and 2 production facilities. The high quality, flexibility and delivery security on European soil makes PMH a reliable and well-known European player. Click on the link to the website for more information! website PMH

PMH – Care with excellence!

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