Respiratory care

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Respiratory care

Vision Medical Company offers a wide range in the field of intubation. This includes endotracheal tubes (ET-tubes), bronchial tubes, stylets, laryngoscope blades, suction catheters, oxygen catheters, oxygen tubes, nasoparyngeal tubes and closed suction systems henceforth referred to as our respiratory care package.


Respiratoire zorg

Endotracheal tubes:

The total range of endotracheal tubes from Vision Medical company have the following features:

  • Made from thermosensitive PVC to ensure a flexible tube, which fits perfectly into the airway
  • Low pressure cuff with a thin refined wall for a good seal and minimal risk of trauma
  • The possibility of siliconized PVC for an even easier and more patient-friendly intubation
  • Smooth walls to prevent secretion build up.
  • A-traumatic Murphy eye
  • A-traumatic round tip and soft cuff
  • X-ray traceable
  • A clear cuff control balloon
  • 15mm connector conforming to ISO 5356-1
  • Clear markings
  • Latex free
  • Available in all types: standard, preformed (nasal, oral), armored, cuffed and uncuffed, children and adults, low- high volume cuff, with suction lumen and microlaryngeal tracheal tube.
  • Sterile and single use

Bronchial tubes:

The bronchial tubes of Vision Medical Company B.V. are already appreciated by many anesthesiologists who perform thoracic surgery worldwide. Our range consist of double lumen tubes Robertshaw type, bronchial tubes with Carina hook type Carlen’s, single lumen bronchial tubes, tracheastomy bronchhial tubes, with the choice in left or right.

Special attention is deserved here for the following:

  • Unique design
  • Two low pressure color coded cuffs
  • X-ray traceabillity along the entire tubes
  • Smooth walls
  • Correct inner diameter for easy use of a fiber optic bronchoscope.

The broncial tubes can be packed with:

  • Connector Y 15mm
  • Two swivel elbow connectors with a double port
  • Reliable supplier
  • Wide range of products
  • Professional company

Stylets, introducers and tube exchangers:

Vision Medical Company has various types of stylets, introducers and tube exchangers for the more difficult airways.

The laryngoscope is intended to assits during the insertion of an endoctracheal tube. Vision medical Company supplies a total package, both in metal and plastic variants. These laryngoscopes can be divided into the following two types: Miller and Macintosh.

Suction catheters:
Various types and sizez of single lumen suction catheters with funnel connector, conical or vacutip connection.

Oxygen catheters:
The oxygen catheters which Vision medical Company offers are available with a fixed or sliding compress.

Oxygen hoses:
The oxygen hose Vision Medical Company offers is non sterile and is available on a bubble roll or individually packed with connectors in any desired lenght.

Nasopharyngeal tubes:
The nasopharyngeal tubes are available in all desired sizes in a soft and standard version.

Closed suction systems:
Vision Medical Company offers a complete package of closed suction systems for children and adults. Subordinate in 24-hour and 72-hour systems.

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