Gynaecology and obstetrics

Gynaecologie en verloskunde

Gynaecology and obstetrics

Vision Medical Company offers a complete package of high-quality Gynaecology and Obstetrics products. Below is an overview of the various products.

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Gynaecologie verloskunde

Parturition sets
At Vision Medical Company we offer the opportunity to conduct your own customized parturition set. Our standars Prturition set includes a pair of scissort to cut the umbilical cord, a pair of scissors to make an episiotomy (the cut) and two kochers to put on the umbilical cord to function as a clamp.

Suture sets
We have a wide range of standard suture sets but offcourse it is also possible to develop a custom suture set at Vision Medical Company.

Micro blood sets
At Vision Medical Company we have a disposable MBT tray. This MBT tray contains a completely disposable system that integrates the blade and the ELA self-illuminating amnioscope. With this set you have a very compact and easy to use MBT set.

Disposable instruments
Vision Medical Company has a wide range of disposable instruments. In the field of Gynaecology and obstetrics you can think of the episiotomy scissors, umbilical cord scissors, kochers, needle feeders and tweezers but many more products are available.

At Vision Medical Company we have a wide range of speculums including Cusco, Trelat and Collin. All of them availlable in different sizes and both sterile and un sterile.

Cervical brush
The cervical brush is a gynecological brush recommended for the collection of endocervical cells in case of atrophy or stenosis of the endometrial canal.

Amnio hook
The amnio hook is specifficaly designed to safely rupture the amniotic membrane. The rounded tip ensures that the amnio hook does not come into contact with the fetus. This design minimizes the risk of harm to the fetus while beeing used.

Vision Medical Company, your reliable supplier.

At Vision Medical Company we have the umbilical cord clamp and umbilical ring, also called the cord ring, in our range. When the baby is born, the umbilical cord is cut. This way the baby gets seperated from the baby. The traditional belly button clamp has been used for this in recent decades. Vision medical Company now offers a more baby-friendly product wit hits crodring.
The advantages of the cordring are:

  • The traditional belly button clamp is quite large (5,5 cm) The cord ring is just a small ring.
  • When changing the babies daiper, the hard plastic clamp does not get in the way and does not press against the skin of the baby.
  • The cord ring is more hygienic and therefore there is less chance of infections.
  • The cord ring looks more friendly when applied.




CTG tires
CTG tires are also available true Vision Medical Company

For the proctoscopes product group, Vision Medical Company distinguishes itself with a wide range of proctoscopes and rectoscopes with or without a light and varying in size from smal to large. Offcourse all accessories can be ordered separately as well.

I.U.D. sets
The abbreviation I.U.D. stands for Intra Uterine Device. Intra Uterine means “in the womb”. At Vision Medical Company we have a complete I.U.D. set which is equiped with a tampon plier, a dissecting scissor and a uterine probe. Next to the I.U.D. sets We also offer indivdual I.U.D. instruments such as tampon forceps, uterus probes, hook forceps and preperation and dissecting scissors.

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Gynaecologie verloskunde
Gynaecologie verloskunde
Gynaecologie verloskunde
Gynaecologie verloskunde
Gynaecologie verloskunde
Gynaecologie verloskunde
Gynaecologie verloskunde
Gynaecologie verloskunde