Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization

hoogwaardige medische verbruiksartikelen

Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization

Vision Medical Company offers various products within the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization concept. This package distinguishes itself within theĀ  market in terms of completeness, qualitty and service. For example, Vision Medical Company offers varioous medical paper applications (including sterilization paper), various surface cleaning products but also anti-microbial mice and keyboards.

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Reiniging, desinfectie en sterilisatie

CSSD Wrapping paper

The wrapping paper to pack your instrument trays and other products to be sterilized.
Available in crepe, non-woven and SMS fabrics in singe sheets, interleaved and bonded one-step variants and availlable in al different sizes.
Our wide range allows you tot tailor the complete packaging system to the instrument tray, ensuring efficient sterilization and antimicrobial protection throughout the complete life cycle of the instrument tray.

Laminate bags (also availlable on a roll)

The laminate bags which are frequently used in hospitals and various otherĀ  medical institutions for the packaging of medical devices. Laminate bags provide a 100% effective barrier against air- or liquid contamination. The back side of the laminate bag is made from Tyvek material. Tyvek material ensures a good penetration of the sterilization gasses but also protects against contamination from the outside.

Autoclave tape

The tape used to seal your instrument trays and other products during packaging before entering the sterilization process. The tape changes color when exposed tos team during the sterilization process. This way it is easy to check if the tray has already been sterilized or not.


Trayliners are used in and or under the instrumentnet or instrumentbasket. This to protect the instruments and packaging material. Available in both crepe and non-woven absorbent materials.

Steam sterilization control products

In addition to the packaging materials themselves, we also offer a wide range of control equipment. This includes products such as tape, display stickers but also various tools to check the operation of the machines and the result.


Long cuff gloves

In addition to the regular lenght disposable gloves, we also offer gloves with an extra long cuff. These are mainly used during cleaning work. The gloves are made of nitrile, this way we ensure the gloves do not contain latex and therefore do not cause allergic reactions.

Surface disinfection

In our disinfection productrange we have various items for disinfecting surfaces. From disinfection spay to cleaning wipes wit hand without alcohol, but also alcohol contacing wipes with 2% Chlorhexidine for the disinfection of non-invasive devices.

Anti micro bacteral keyboards

Vision Medical Company also offers anti-microbial keyboards and mices to process data i a hygienic way and to keep track of all relevant information. With their flat keys and their one-piece construction, they can be wiped clean frequently without any problem. Made of anti-microbial treated silicone, 100% waterproof and dishwasher safe they ensure a hygienic way of work. The keyboards have a blue blacklighting and are available in black or white.

Anti micro bacterial Mice

In addition to the keyboards mentioned above, Vision Medical Company also offers anti microbial mices. The mouse is contructed out of one piece from an antimicrobially treated silicone and therefore resistant to frequent cleaning.The mouse is like the keyboard 100% waterproof, spill and dishwasher safe. Laser guided precision and a touch strip to facilitate scrolling.




hoogwaardige medische verbruiksartikelen
Siliconen muis
Universal dispenser
SF Medical Handschoenen
hoogwaardige medische verbruiksartikelen
Siliconen muis
Universal dispenser
SF Medical Handschoenen

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