Disposable instruments

Total concept, assembled, packed and sterilized in the Netherlands

Disposable instrumentarium

Disposable instruments

Disposable instrumentarium

Vision Medical Company offers a total package in the field of high-quality disposable instruments, assembled packaged and sterilized in the Netherlands.

Vision Medical Company its offer distinguishes itself in the market in terms of completeness, quality and service. Vision Medical Company delivers the highest possible quality disposble surgical instruments made from recycled stainless steel. The continues high-qualtiy of the disposable instruments ensure medical professionals can do an excellent job at all times using these instruments. All instruments of Vision Medical Company are provided with a non-toxic color coding, an unique code per type and the single use sign. All products are CE marked.

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Vision Medical Company’s high quality single-use surgical instruments provide the following benefits:

Unique packaging

Al of the single use instruments are packed in a hard blister in combination with Tyvek® or paper. Where necessary, protective caps are applied to the instruments to protect the packaging.


Al of the single use instruments are sterilised using EO sterilization and therefore remain sterile in the packaging for 5 years.


All instruments are made of stainless steel, wich prevents extreme corrosion in case the instruments accidentally end up in the sterilization process. The used stainless steel is low-nickel stainless steel wich means it contains very little to no nickel.

Disposable instrumentarium

Disposable instrumentarium

Color coding

The clearly visible non-toxic blue color coding ensures a fast and easy recognition of the single-use instrument. This prevents confusion with re-usable instruments.


Continuous Quality

Due to a thorough quality control during assembly and packaging of the instruments, we can guarantee the continuous high quality for our single-use instruments.


No child labour

The disposable instruments of Vision Medical Company are manufactured by companies that are members of the SIMAP (=Surgical Instruments Manufacturers Association) and the ILO (=International Labor Organisation) and al are ISO or similar certified. By using only certified suppliers we ensure that no child labor is involved in the proces of manufacturing our products.

Continuity in delivery

Because the assembly, packaging and sterilization al are done in the Netherlands combined with the fact that we maintain a stock position of 3 months (provided there is a contractual agreement) continuityin supply can be reasured for the single-use instruments. In addition usage is monitored


No more logistical issues with transport, cleaning and re-sterilization of re-usable instruments.


Cost effective   

Compared to the costs for resterilisation, repair, transport and new purchases of re-usable instruments the use of disposable instruments is in many cases more cost efficient.

Disposable instrumentarium

Disposable instrumentarium

Custom made

One of the biggest advantages Vision Medical Company offers is the possibility of making custom made instruments and small procedure trays. By listening carefully to the wishes of our customers and advise them using our experience we are able to provide added value.



Vision Medical Company is continuously developing innovative solutions in the field of disposable instruments. This way we make sure we are always able to offer a the best posible service for our customers.


Product range

The disposable instruments range of Vision Medical Company B.V. distinguishes itself in its completeness. With more than 17.000 unique instruments we offer a product for almost every procedure.

These instruments include curettes, wound hooks, artery clamps, bioipsy forceps, catheter forceps, probes, scissors, cloth clamps, tenaculum forceps, needle holders, sharp spoons, tweezers, scalpels, speculums, micro cannulas and woundspreaders.

Suitable for many applications in: dermathology, obstetrics, gynaecology, primary care, intensive care, laboratories, military surgery, operating rooms, opthalmology, oral surgery, ENT, plastic surgery, emergency care, dentistry, trauma, IVF and different nursing departments.

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