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Vision Medical Company B.V. located in Uden, has been active in the production and distribution of medical consumables since 2003. The warehouse is located under the same roof and offers a storage capacity of 2.000 square  meters. Vision Medical Company also works closely together with its sister company Lettix BV, located in Apeldoorn. This collaberation offers the opportunity to assemble, package and sterilize the disposable instruments and our plastics in-house.

Vision Medical Company

Vision Medical Company


Vision Medical Company B.V. clearly distinguishes itself in the market by holding a 3 month stock position for all contract customers.  This stock position is based on the passed annual consumption and is monitored weekly. In case of deviations in the purchase pattern, these will be discussed with the customer and together we will look at what actions need to be taken. The excellent accessibility and fast response time of our customer service and account managers provide and optimal service. Solution orientated and effectiveness are paramount here. Your problem is our challenge, we like to think along with you.

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Vision, a professional reliable supplier that lives up to its promises!


At Vision we strive to combine the delivery of quality, innovation and professionalism with the wishes of our customers. Vision Medical Company is committed to provide customer orientated total solutions in the fields of Anesthesia, Surgery, Electrosurgery, Neonatology, Urology, Intensive Care, Cardiology, Radiology, Emergency and Nursing departments.

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As a supplier, we are constantly looking for new products and concepts that meet the needs of our customers. Direct sales and good cooperation with end-users contribute to the optimalization of our range and to offering products with a excellent price and quality level.



“Delivering innovative healthcare solutions”

Our products and concepts are developed in collaboration with medical professionals. These concepts should contribute to improving the quality of care for both patient and professional.


Vision Medical Company